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Giving the Gift of Your Time & Talents

No matter the cause, programs are supported in amazing ways by those who give of their time and talents. For members of the extended ܽƵ family, the College's "Educate for Service" motto is in our hearts and a priority in our lives.

Whether you support efforts to recruit future Blue Jays, assist with connecting alumni with each other and the College, mentor a current student or speak in a class, or help with fundraising efforts, there are many opportunities for all of us who love our Blue and Gray.

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Society of ܽƵ Recruitment Volunteers

You are invited to be a part of an exciting program allowing alumni, parents and friends of the College to take an active role in the future of Elizabethtown. By joining the Society of ܽƵ Recruitment Volunteers (SERV), you will provide a strong link between college-bound high school students and the College simply by sharing your knowledge and experience.

SERV members help to recruit prospective students by:

  • Referring prospective students through the Hatch A Jay program
  • Representing ܽƵ at college fairs
  • Making phone calls to admitted students
  • Registering visiting families at on-campus Open Houses

If you love ܽƵ and are interested in helping college-bound high school students connect with the College, the SERV program is for you! Contact the Office of Admissions if you are interested.

Alumni Association Volunteer

Have you ever wondered how the ܽƵ Alumni Association (ECAA) is led and alumni communications and publications are developed, or what goes into planning those fun and creative on-campus and regional alumni get-togethers? Look no further than the Alumni Association Volunteer (AAV) branch!

AAV membership provides opportunities to make a positive impact within the ECAA and on ܽƵ's campus through:

  • Alumni Council (the ECAA leadership group) membership
  • Alumni Chapter involvement
  • Alumni communications and publications assistance
  • Regional Alumni Representative program membership
  • On-campus event volunteering
  • Class reunion event planning
  • Affinity group event planning

If you love ܽƵ and are interested in helping others reconnect with fellow graduates, current students, faculty/staff and the College in general, the AAV program is for you! Contact the Office of Alumni Relations toll free at 800-877-2604 or via e-mail at alumni@etown.edu.

Career Development Volunteer

Whether you are a well-established professional or just starting out on your career path, there are ways that you can be involved in helping current students and alumni with their career development. That is what the Career Development Volunteer (CDV) branch is all about! Both your area(s) and level of involvement are up to you and can assist CDV efforts by:

  • Joining , a unique networking tool that provides opportunities to current ܽƵ students in seeking assistance from Blue Jay Alumni and friends.
  • Providing workshops or participating in panel discussions on career-related topics
  • Attending and participating in networking events with students
  • Conducting mock interviews with and/or reviewing resumes of students preparing for a job or internship search
  • Accepting requests for an informational interview about your job/career field
  • Providing a job shadow experience by hosting a student at your worksite
  • Assisting a student in exploring internship or employment opportunities within your organization

These are just a few of the many opportunities available to mentor current students and alumni as they seek meaningful, fulfilling careers. By joining the CDV, you can help to enhance programs and services that serve both of these important constituencies! Contact the Career Development Center at 717-361-1206 or via e-mail at careerdevelopmentcenter@etown.edu.

Development Volunteer

Do you have an interest in helping ܽƵ continue to reach new levels of educational excellence? Have you ever wondered how you can help current Elizabethtown students while reconnecting with classmates and friends? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then the Development Volunteer (DV) branch is for you!

DV membership provides opportunities to make a positive impact on the current college community, as well as future Elizabethtown students, through:

  • Power of One Day fundraising
  • Regional and on-campus phone-a-thon participation
  • Class reunion giving committees membership
  • Class and affinity group fundraising assistance

Without question, members of the DV branch help to make a significant positive impact on the ܽƵ community. Join us and make your mark on the future of the ܽƵ experience! Contact the Institutional Advancement Division toll free at 800-877-9658 or via e-mail at ia@etown.edu.